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All students in my classes are more than welcome to visit during the office hours indicated above. If that doesn't fit your schedule, please call or send me an e-mail, and we'll try to work something out.

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My approach to teaching is closely linked to my approach to political science research, which attempts to balance analytical rigor with an acceptance of the inevitable subjective element in politics. In my mind, failure to strike a balance in this regard explains why many students internalize American society's tendency to deprecate politics, which creates a self-reinforcing cycle of cynicism and corruption. Believing that learning is much easier when lectures include a light-hearted element of humor, I sometimes poke fun at political leaders, where appropriate. (I try to avoid offending too many people, and give "equal time" to both sides.) Above all, I aspire to instill in my students a passion for learning and a capacity for mature, discerning judgment.

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