August 31, 2005 [LINK]

Nats on TV again!

With broadcast games on both Saturday and Sunday, you would think I would get to see the Nationals at least score a few runs, but no-ooo. Zip, zero, nada. The Cardinals blanked them 6-0 both days. Well, at least the Nationals won the first game of the series, so they weren't swept. The rare opportunity to see the Nats on TV highlights a new group of D.C. baseball fans with a Web site, According to the Washington Post, however, this movement may be a front for satellite dish companies. The Nats' loss on Sunday was made slightly less painful by the losses of every other team contending for the NL wild card spot on Sunday. Katrina gave them an unscheduled day of rest on Monday, which may have helped them beat the Braves 3-2 on Tuesday. They're not dead yet!

D.C. stadium advances

The D.C. Sports and Entertainment Commission has recommended that the City Council award the construction contract for the new stadium to a group led by the Clark Company. See Washington Post. The city recently made the legal steps to acquire the land from local owners. The only major obstacle seems to be a garbage disposal company.

Polo Grounds

I've finally finished the revised ("dynamic") diagrams for the Polo Grounds, sponsored by Phil Faranda. Sorry for the unscheduled hiatus; it may be a few more days before I update this Web blog again...