December 31, 2005 [LINK]

Looking back on the year: 2005

For me, the Year of Our Lord 2005 was an odd mixture of frustration in terms of politics, as the Bush administration got off track and Republicans in Virginia lost the governors race, coupled with exhuberant triumph in terms of baseball, as I was a witness to the (re)-birth of the Washington Nationals. As for joint marital endeavors, the trip Jacqueline and I made to Central America early in the year was probably the highlight. This having been the first full year in which I have blogged in a consistent fashion, with posts on all topics being integrated into a single archiving system, I thought it would be appropriate to summarize the year's main events and trends in terms of how I saw them at the time. The titles of the following blog entries are listed in chronological order, from January through December:

Major news items

Final respects

I noted the passing of the following notable figures over the past year:

I probably should have mentioned William Rehnquist, Rosa Parks, and Richard Pryor.

Birding, travels