May 13, 2006 [LINK]

Lerners aim to rebuild Nats

Visiting Atlanta for the first time since he became a part owner of the Washington Nationals, Mark Lerner talked to reporters about his family's plans to rebuild the shaky franchise. He toured Turner Field to get ideas about what features to include in Washington's future stadium, but he made it clear that junior partner (and team president) Stan Kasten will be making the key operational decisions, i.e, personnel. Apparently, other teams (possibly including the Mets) want to trade for Jose Guillen, Jose Vidro, Livan Hernandez, and Alfonso Soriano, so unless the team improves markedly in the near future, some or all of those guys could be gone by August. See Trading away Soriano is almost a given, but I hope the Nats can at least hang onto Guillen.

&#$% blackout

As expected, tonight's Braves-Nationals game on TBS was blacked out in our area, thanks to "Mid-Atlantic Sports Network."

UPDATE: Jeff Francoeur's grand slam in the bottom of the ninth inning makes me glad I wasn't watching tonight's game. Another blown save by Chad Cordero: When is this agony going to end?

Jacobs Field

Jacobs Field The Jacobs Field page has been updated with a revised diagram that conforms to the new standard. The only real correction in it is a slightly smaller foul territory than before. That page has also been enhanced with larger, sharper photos, as well as an interactive thumbnail diagram, which all stadium pages will have before long.