June 2, 2006 [LINK]

Nats stars on the trading block?

Today's Washington Post lists the Nationals players that are most likely to be traded away next month, unless the team somehow manages to climb the standings and become a contender like they were last year. It seems unfair to the city that just agreed to spend over a half billion dollars for a new ballpark that the new owners make economizing player transactions, even if it is for the long-term good of the team. Well, it's probably inevitable that some of the highest-value players will be let go, so among those mentioned by the Post, here is my list of who should be traded first, last, and in between:

  1. Ryan Church
  2. Tony Armas Jr.
  3. Mike Stanton
  4. Alfonso Soriano
  5. Livan Hernandez
  6. Jose Guillen
  7. Jose Vidro

The Nats batters have been on again and off again for most of the season thus far, and tonight's opening game in Milwaukee they were definitely "on," beating the Brewers 10-4. They got off to a quick start with two runs in the first and never lost the lead. Nick Johnson hit two doubles, more evidence that he may have pulled out of his slump. Even Brian Schneider, recently back from the DL, got 3 RBIs on a double in the seventh inning, taking the pressure off the weary bullpen. Oddly, however, none of the Nats hit home runs.