June 11, 2006 [LINK]

Canary candy: cabbage flowers

George, yellow flowers.jpg G-rated: Princess and George have developed an insatiable craving for the yellow flowers from the cabbage plants growing next to our back patio. Princess trusts us enough to eat them from our hand, while George, who is normally more wary of us, will let us approach within a couple feet in hopes of getting a quick bite. The cabbage plants are running out of flowers, but soon the basil plants will be sprouting the flowers that they love so much.

R-rated: Princess recently gave up on her most recent clutch of eggs (3), and George has been harrassing on a regular basis her ever since as she starts building another nest. (We removed the old eggs and nest from the basket.) For some reason, his libido is highest at the crack of dawn, as he sings with unusual intensity and then makes threatening gestures and jumps on top of his reluctant mate. They seem to alternate between loud squabbles and interludes of soft, intimate chirping. Seriously, you would have to see this canary "soap opera" to believe it. "Amor salvaje!"