June 17, 2006 [LINK]

Birds of Summer

Bluebird on wire The temperatures climbed into the upper eighties today, so summer is finally here. I drove around various spots in northern Augusta County this morning, but was frustrated once again in my attempts to get a good photograph of the orioles that abound around Lewis Creek. I later drove up to "Leonard's Pond," where local birders have reported three White-rumped sandpipers in recent days, but none were present when I arrived. I did get close enough to a male Bluebird on a wire to get a good photo, though. On the way home I stopped at Bell's Lane, where I heard several Brown thrashers performing their amusing random ensembles. Today's highlights:

Earlier this week, I took a quick walk on YuLee's Trail at Montgomery Hall Park, but all I saw were some Blue-gray gnatcatchers and an Indigo bunting. Chickadees are abounding, now that the first brood has fledged. In our back yard we see Downy woodpeckers more days than not, but Hummingbirds only show up every few days or so.