June 19, 2006 [LINK]

Three more eggs from Princess

As expected, Princess laid another clutch of eggs soon after she finished rebuilding her nest last week. All three eggs had fully formed shells. This time, however, she waited a day after the first egg before laying the second. I wonder if that pause might have been deliberate, that she is somehow aware of the calcium deficiency that resulted in two "bad" eggs in March and April? For the first time that I can remember, she did not do any "flirting" (wing flapping and loud chirping) in the window prior to laying the eggs. Perhaps this is another sign of approaching middle age.

George is spending more time in front of to the sliding glass door in our living room these days, singing loudly so as to "mark his territory." He is very energetic and curious about the Song sparrows, Carolina wrens, Mourning doves, Grackles, and Blue jays that come to to feed on our back porch.