June 29, 2006 [LINK]

Hockey in Yankee Stadium?

The NHL is exploring the possibility of holding a match between the New York Rangers and New York Islanders at Yankee Stadium in late December, or on New Year's Day. It would be the second-ever outside pro hockey match, the first being between the Montreal Canadiens and Edmonton Oilers, played at the Edmonton's Commonwealth Stadium (a football venue) in November 2003. See newsday.com (via Eric McErlain). I recall seeing a photo of that in the newspaper, and marveling. The only previous MLB stadium in which pro hockey was once played was Tropicana Field.

Braves Field update

Braves Field The Braves Field page has been updated with two new diagrams (1915 and 1946), and more yet to come. This playing field in this stadium was modified too many times over the years for me to do a version of every single change. I plan to do 1928, 1933, and 1937 versions in the future, plus a football version or two. Once again, I would like to thank Bruce Orser for several very helpful archival photographs, as well as a Sanborn Insurance map. The Atlanta Braves are in desperate need of some bit of luck to get them going again, so maybe this will help.