September 19, 2006 [LINK / comment]

Where have you gone, Captain 11?

I don't know why this just popped into my head. It's the introductory blurb from a children's television program that used to be broadcast by KELO, Channel 11 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, back in the 1960s. Imagine some cheesy sci-fi visual and sound effects with a booming Oz-like voice declaring:

One man in each century is given the power to control time. This man must be carefully selected. He must be kind. He must be fair. He must be brave. We of the outer galaxies have [granted unto you the wisdom of Solomon and the strength of Atlas. You are] ... Captain Eleven!

Obviously, it made a pretty big impression on me. Weatherman Dave Dedrick created the Captain Eleven character, and his show first aired on March 7, 1955 -- the same year that Captain Kangaroo began! It was quite an institution in the Prairie State, and vitually all kids in the region were devoted fans. I didn't realize that Captain Eleven continued to run until Mr. Dedrick's retirement in 1996 -- almost 42 years, which was 11 years longer than the beloved Captain Kangaroo lasted. For background on the show, see