October 5, 2006 [LINK / comment]

Baserunning blooper at Shea

I couldn't believe the replays of Jeff Kent and J.D. Drew getting tagged out at home in the same play in the second inning last night. It ended a certain rally by the Dodgers, probably deciding the game in the Mets' favor. The 6-5 score was closer than I would have expected, and I wonder if the Mets were shaken up by it. MLB.com compares this major league gaffe to the time when two Yankees were thrown out at home in 1985. It is also reminiscent of the time in 1926 when three Dodger base runners got caught on third base simultaneously. Lawrence Ritter tells that tale in Lost Ballparks.

It rained later in the evening in New York, so the Yankees-Tigers game was postponed until this afternoon. In the fourth inning, the Tigers are ahead, 1-0.

Cost overruns for parking

D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams now says the city needs an additional $75 million to pay for additional parking facilities, on top of the $611 million that the city council voted on earlier this year. Now, hold on a minute! His spokesman cited the "need to maximize the economic benefits of the stadium," but the developmental spinoff effects were supposed to come from private investment. See Washington Post.