October 13, 2006 [LINK / comment]

Glavine shuts down Cardinals

As usual, Tom Glavine performed flawlessly, holding the Cardinals to zero runs and only four hits over seven innings last night. All the Mets needed was a home run by Carlos Beltran in the sixth inning; it hit the scoreboard at least 25 feet off the ground, and would have gone well over 400 feet. See MLB.com.

All the Tigers need to do is win two home games over the next three days. Without first baseman Sean Casey, however, it is not a sure thing. He suffered a spasm in his calf, tearing the muscle tissue (that's gotta hurt!), so even if he plays in the World Series, he would probably be partially immobilized. I get a cramp in my calf every once in a while, and it is hideously painful. They say lack of potassium may be a factor, so eat more bananas!

Rumors on Soriano's salary talks

Jose Rijo, who works in the Nationals' front office, allegedly told a Dominican Republic newspaper that Alfonso Soriano has turned down an offer of $70 million over five years. Chris Needham opines, "At that price, it's probably a good thing that he's likely to head elsewhere." Indeed, that's about as generous as a rebuilding team can afford to be, and if it's true, the prospects that he will remain in Washington uniform next year continue to dim... The story was also reported on WUSA-TV9 in Washington, but Rijo and other Nationals officials flatly deny it; see MLB.com. In situations such as these, it's best not to take anyone's word at face value...

One of the most enthusiastic of the Nationals bloggers, Farid Rushdi, once knew Cory Lidle, but only by his first name.

The mail bag

Mike Zurawski sends the following ballpark news items: The design of the Twins' new stadium is complicated by the need to incorporate two train stations in the structural foundation. One of the rail lines would pass underneath part of the grandstand, so extra strength is required in case of derailment. startribune.com

According to sfgate.com, the Oakland (?) Athletics are buying up property in Fremont, by an old racetrack off Interstate 880. That raises the likelihood that they will in fact move away from Oakland. Groan...

The Florida Marlins are discussing with local leaders in Pompano Beach the possibility of building a ballpark there, as part of a plan to renovate a local horse racing track. Odd-makers consider it a long-shot... See sun-sentinel