December 4, 2006 [LINK / comment]

Sick's Stadium update

Sicks Stadium The diagram and text on the Sick's Stadium page have been revised. The home of the short-lived Seattle Pilots (1969) was among the ballparks chronicled in the recent SABR publication Rain Check: Baseball in the Pacific Northwest.

Dickering in December

Perhaps the biggest news from the winter meetings in Florida thus far is that the Cardinals have signed Chris Carpenter to a five-year contract extension, with total compensation of at least $65 million. Also, the Mets have signed aging veteran Tom Glavine to a one-year contract extension. Of course, everyone is waiting to see whether the Red Sox trade the rascal left fielder Manny Ramirez, or offer him another stint in Beantown. Today Jose Guillen signed a one-year contract for $5.5 million with the Seattle Mariners, who need more slugging power. Washington fans will miss the high-spirited outfielder. The Nationals offered salary arbitration to him, not necessarily because they expected him to stay with the team, but because they would get an extra draft pick as compensation for him as long as they make the offer. See

The Cincinnati Reds are contemplating filing a formal grievance against the Nationals over the multi-player trade in July. Pitcher Gary Majewski went on the disabled list shortly thereafter, and the Reds suspect the Nationals knew his arm was bad before the trade was made. There is no evidence of trickery on the part of Jim Bowden or the Nats' front office, however, and it seems to be a simple case of an athlete who wanted so much to play that he ignored the warning signs of tendonitis. See Personally, I'd be glad to take back Majewski on any reasonable terms, as he was one of the Nats' (and Expos') most reliable relief pitchers and has several good years ahead of him.

Orlando Devil Rays?

In an effort to expand their fan base in central Florida, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays are considering playing several of their regular-season games in the Orlando area in future years. Lack of ballpark capacity would be a major constraint to overcome. Playing outside in the Florida sun would be a nice change for them, I'm sure. See the Tampa Tribune; hat tip to Mike Zurawski.