January 1, 2007 [LINK / comment]

Happy New Year! (oops...)

As I wrote back on May 1, "I will have to do some more fiddling [with my homemade automated blog system*] before the end of the year, or else a sort of 'Y2K' glitch will result." Indeed, such a glitch came to pass, as I discovered to my chagrin after midnight last night. Because I wanted to complete the revised Olympic Stadium diagrams by the end of the year, I wasn't able to take care of that Web site maintenance chore in time, so it is remotely possible that a few people may have noticed a large blank space and an error message on my main blog page and the category blog pages. Sorry about that. I seriously doubt that very many people were browsing this site during the New Year's festivities or this morning, however. Fortunately, fixing the bug only took about 15 minutes of coding work, and that should take care of things for the rest of this century, at least...

* For a brief explanation, see my April 17 blog post.

¡Feliz Año Nuevo! / Bon Any Nou!*

As is our custom during the holidays, we had a rollicking good time with Jacqueline's family and friends in Northern Virginia last night. (¡Muchas gracias, Walter y Gloria!) I'm getting better at identifying the various genres of Latin American music, from salsa to merengue to cumbia. Maybe I'm just getting old and grouchy, but there is one relatively new style that grates on my nerves: "reggaeton," a sort of fusion of reggae and traditional Spanish-Caribbean folk music. See Wikipedia, of course.

* Those are new year's greetings in Spanish and Catalonian, respectively, the latter intended for our friends Montse and Josep, who live in the Catalonian region of Spain.