February 1, 2007 [LINK / comment]

Va. Diocese sues congregations

The Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, based in Richmond, is suing the eleven (originally eight) congregations that seceded from the Episcopal Church USA last [year]. (See my Dec. 18 post.) Those congregations, which are more conservative and evangelical, have affiliated themselves with the Anglican Diocese of Nigeria. Sixteen Episcopalian bishops of the Middle Atlantic area issued a joint statement supporting Lee. As reported by Episcopal News Service, "Congregational property is held in trust for the diocese, and the diocese holds property in trust for the wider church (Canon I.7.4)." The failure of various factions within the denomination to heed each other's concerns and respect each other's points of view is indeed tragic, and it reminds me of what is happening in the Republican Party. In each case, one side is trying to force the other side into either submitting, or else leaving the fold.

On January 4, the Washington Post had a background story on how this schism came about. It said that some congregations in Northern Virginia had turned away from the bland, liberal mainstream of the church, and some more so than others. "[F]or more than 30 years, Truro and The Falls Church have been part of a 'charismatic revival' within mainline Protestantism."

D.O.G.S. head to Nashville

A local Christian rock band called the D.O.G.S. of Pray signed a recording contract last year, and they just went to Nashville to record an album. I happen to know their lead singer, Henley Folk, a great guy who has a very interesting background and has been active in local Republican politics. For more, see their blog: P.O.U.N.D.

New blog categories

Effective today, the former "Macintosh and Miscellaneous" blog category has been divided into two new categories: Science & Technology and Culture & Travel. The latter category will be my outlet for more personal and spiritual musings, and possibly for showcasing my musical dalliances.