February 6, 2007 [LINK / comment]

Nationals blog roundup

In today's Washington Post, Barry Svrluga surveys some of the leading Washington Nationals blogs, including Chris Needham's Capitol Punishment, which is linked on this Web site. The point of the article is that Stan Kasten and others in Nationals front office are starting to pay attention to the baseball blogosphere, since they are increasingly concerned about public relations. Well, that's a good sign. Several of the blogs mentioned in that article are totally new to me. I was not surprised that he omitted this blog (whose scope is far too broad to be considered a Nationals blog per se), but I was surprised that he omitted Farid Rushdi's The Beltway Boys, given the fact that it was cited in the Post sports section a week or two ago. Farid posed some "interview" questions to me recently, and I owe him a response. Clearly, he is scrounging for material in the off-season!

I am glad to reciprocate with other sites that ask me to add their links, as long as they are relevant to this site's content, and are reputable. Commercial advertising inquiries take more time for me to sort out.

Negro League sites

Bruce Orser sent me a batch of links: Negro League Ball Players Association, Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, blackbaseball.com, The Negro League Cafe, 21stcenturyradio.com, Negro League Baseball, and of course, MLB.com. I have added them to the bottom of the Negro Leagues page.