February 8, 2007 [LINK / comment]

Edwards' aide runs hate blog

"Does John Edwards Condone Hate Speech?" That's what ABC's Terry Moran (link via Instapundit) is inclined to believe, since Edwards hired Amanda Marcotte to be his new blogmaster last week. After I looked at the examples Moran cited of her extremely crass writings (at Pandagon), there is no doubt in my mind. She is indeed one of the many bloggers on the Left who have a bad case of "potty mouth." (True, there are even some on the Right.) Edwards has such a squeaky-clean, nice-guy image that I expect he will act soon to make sure that his campaign does not get dragged into the mud of negative campaigning -- at least not in the early stages.

Oscar Meyer Weiner

I caught a glimpse of Democratic silliness on C-SPAN this evening. Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) was speaking on the House floor and made an arch reference to the "Republic" Party. Ho, ho, ho. Then he went on to boast that under Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats will stop global warming, or something like that. It reminded me of when candidate John Edwards claimed that if John Kerry and the Democrats won the 2004 election, people like Christopher Reeve would walk again.

The DemocratIC Party

Weiner's jab was no doubt payback for President Bush's use of the mildly derogatory phrase "Democrat Party" during the State of the Union address, for which he later apologized, professing bewilderment at why offense was taken. So, I checked my blog archives and counted five instances of "Democrat Party" in 2005 and seven instances in 2006, the last time being in August -- on an occasion when a derisive tone was quite appropriate. An especially notorious event that month convinced me that it was time to distance myself from name-calling and bad political manners once and for all. I found no instances of "Democrat Party" prior to 2005.