February 8, 2007 [LINK / comment]

What about the SuperB owl?

Pacific Screech Owl As a serious baseball fan, you'd think I'd cover sports more generally and have something to say about the Super Bowl, wouldn't you? So, how about this superb owl photo? Well, I thought it was superb, anyway.

As for the actual football game in Dolphin Stadium, north of Miami, I was pleased by the Baltimore Indianapolis Colts' victory over the Decatur Staleys Chicago Bears, but I wouldn't have minded if the Bears had won; both teams were about due. It was nice that Peyton Manning finally got a Super Bowl ring, after years of frustration. And Prince did a nice job at half time, playing in the rain -- which was not purple, as far as I know.

I took this photo of a Pacific Screech Owl in the Santa Rosa National Park in Costa Rica in February 2005. To see more, CLICK HERE.

My apologies to those who do not appreciate a dry sense of humor; in the Midwest where I grew up, puns like that are actually considered funny!

Birds are singing

Notwithstanding the snow and bitterly cold temperatures we've had this week, there are some signs of spring already. Yesterday and today, I heard some male cardinals singing, to establish territory in preparation for mating season. While outside for a few minutes this evening (gazing at Mercury and Venus again), I heard a killdeer calling overhead in the darkness. I wonder why they fly at night?