February 15, 2007 [LINK / comment]

RSS: Testing one, two, three

This is the first test of my home-made RSS feed system. Let's see if it works!

UPDATE: Indeed, it does seem to be working on the very first try, to my immense surprise. For you folks in Rio Linda, "RSS" stands for "Really Simple Syndication" (or close variations thereof), and enables blogs to make their content instantly available to subscribers via syndicated "feeds" that are coded in the XML language, rather than the HTML language that is the standard for Web pages. I haven't used RSS very much, but some people think that is the future of blogging, [as more attention is focused on the content highlighted by blog aggregators]. For the Mac, a popular RSS reader is Net News Wire.

Those who are registered for this Web site can see the URL for the RSS feed below. I'll make it public in a few days, to make sure it functions on a routine basis the way it's supposed to. Once I have made sure it works, I will add separate RSS feeds for the categories of greatest interest -- baseball, politics, Latin America, and war. For the time being, I plan to include only the most recent day's blog entry or entries in my RSS feeds; later on, I may decide to include blog posts from the most recent two or three days.

RSS URL (Beta version)

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