February 17, 2007 [LINK / comment]

Road sign for a terrorist

Ever-vigilant Baron Bodissey had another scoop this week on the Muslims of America (a.k.a. Jamaat ul-Fuqra) compound near the town of Red House, Virginia. Some time ago they put up a sign on the road leading to their compound, calling it "Sheikh Gilani Lane," in honor of a man who is, according to the Justice Department, a terrorist. In spite of requests by the Christian Action Network since last November, and Congressman Virgil Goode more recently, the Charlotte County board of supervisors declined to take any remedial action. It seems that the local residents are afraid of the Muslims (African-Americans) and don't want to stir up trouble.

As an expression of support for the folks in Charlotte County, the 910 Group (of which The Baron is a leader) plans a protest in Charlotte County Courthouse on February 20th, which is this Tuesday; link via Cat House Chat. It's too far from the Shenandoah Valley, but I do hope there is a good turnout of folks from central and southwestern Virginia.

This incident may explain why Rep. Virgil Goode used such heated, alarmist words in his latest tirade about Muslim immigrants, during his speech on the House floor opposing the anti-surge resolution. Personally, I don't think such "over-the-top" rhetoric will help convince neutral skeptics of the reality of the Islamo-fascist threat, and it may even backfire. The problem is that the threat is very subtle and gradual by nature, taking years and even decades to become manifest; it's just not conducive to dire warnings of imminent danger. But go ahead and listen to Goode's brief speech, as long as you're not prejudiced against folks with a southern accent. Hat tip to Not Larry Sabato for the YouTube video link. Of course, it's easy to scoff if you're not on the front lines.

Hillary 2008 video

Whether you're a Republican or a Democrat, this will brighten your day: Hillary 2008 video. Hat tip to Patrick Carne and Stacey Morris.