February 21, 2007 [LINK / comment]

A fallen Marine comes home

A local U.S. Marine was killed in Iraq last week: Lance Cpl. Daniel Todd Morris was the victim of an improvised explosive device that detonated while he was on patrol in Anbar Province, on February 14 -- Valentine's Day, of all days. A Marine honor guard carried his flag-draped casket to his home town of Raphine, south of Staunton. See the News Leader. That makes the third heroic member of the armed services from our area who has died serving his country and the cause of freedom. The other two were Jason Redifer and Daniel Bubb. All three were U.S. Marines.

By coincidence, PBS had a compelling documentary on the Marines this evening. It took a detailed look at their intensive training and indoctrination at Parris Island, SC and other facilities. It was very inspiring and shows why, in spite of all the setbacks, there is good reason to hope for success in the campaign to pacify Iraq.