February 24, 2007 [LINK / comment]

Snowy egret forecast

Snowy egret More snow is forecast for tomorrow, so I thought it would be appropriate to share this photo of a Snowy egret that my brother John took recently in South Carolina. Pretty awesome, huh?

Scaups on Bell's Lane

Today was relatively mild, so I took a quick hike along the new trail on Mary Gray hill, adjacent to Betsy Bell hill. I heard a few woodpeckers, and saw a small White-tailed deer, but the only bird of note I saw was a White-breasted nuthatch. Then I drove out to check the ponds on Bell's Lane, and found:

* Allen Larner reported seeing two Greater scaups there today, so I may be mistaken. They were over 200 yards away. The most exciting wildlife discovery was a Red fox that was crouched near one of the ponds. Unfortunately, we haven't had the Northern harriers or Short-eared owls that usually spend the winter in that area.

[UPDATE: Formatting fixed.]