March 21, 2007 [LINK / comment]

The mail bag: getting full again

Mike Zurawski tells me that Ameriquest field is now called Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. As part of the name change, the Ameriquest bell logo in left field has been removed. See This is great news, as long as they don't change the name again in the next few years. Congratulations to team owner Tom Hicks.

Washington Nationals President Stan Kasten was interviewed about the new stadium being built. He expects the grove of cherry blossoms to create a wonderful atmosphere, and says that fans sitting in the upper deck in the right field corner will be able to see the Washington Monument. Good! See

Bruce Orser sent me another boatland of stadium links, including photos of construction of the future Citi Field, adjacent to Shea Stadium:

There is also some analysis of the future Twins ballpark at This was from last fall, however, and plans are quite uncertain right now.

Bruce also alerted me to a D.C. architect created the South Capitol Street blog in which he outlines options for the neighborhood around the new stadium in Washington. He talks about ways to handle the expected increased traffic, including an extended tunnel under South Capitol Street, and I especially like the idea of a large traffic oval at the north end of Frederick Douglas Bridge. It will probably be replaced in the next ten or so years, anyway.

Finally, new visitor Lorenzo Paulino provided me with updates to baseball stadiums being used in the Dominican Republic, and I will take care of that ASAP.

Many thanks to all the folks out there who help to keep me informed about baseball stadiums. My apologies to baseball fans for the infrequent updates recently. Some regular visitors have asked me what's up, and there will be an explanation on my main blog page later today.