May 11, 2007 [LINK / comment]

Rudy's stand on abortion

In an age where almost all political candidates hem, haw, and triangulate their policy positions so as to minimize any offense they might cause by expressing an opinion, Rudy Giuliani's reaffirmation of his position on abortion was a nice change of pace. He says he opposes it on a personal level but respects the woman's right to choose as a matter of individual conscience. He also made an important distinction -- which many people fail to grasp -- between the merits of the issue and the judicial standard of case precedent; he could live with a Supreme Court ruling upholding Roe v. Wade, or one that overturned it. See Washington Post. Some people on both sides of the issue will probably be outraged, but I hope that more people will respect Giuliani for sticking to his guns, even at considerable political risk. (Dogwood Pundit concurs with that.) The last thing we need is getting bogged down in another divisive "wedge issue" over an intractable public policy dilemma.