May 15, 2007 [LINK / comment]

Wonderful weekend road trips

Jacqueline and I had an exceptionally busy and enjoyable weekend, with two (2) road trips. On Saturday afternoon, we drove south to Raphine, the first time we had been to that town, which is located in northeastern Rockbridge County -- not far from the War of the Worlds movie set, in fact. Then we headed west to the Buffalo Springs Herb Farm , which sells all sorts of scented soaps, candles, and assorted household knicknacks. Jacqueline was just delighted. We also shopped at their herb greenhouse and walked through the exquisitely landscaped gardens. Next we strolled over to Wade's Mill (see photo), which is right next door. It has been restored to its 19th Century condition, and once again produces grain mill products, though their output is now packaged in one-pound bags designed for tourists rather than in 50-pound bags. We had planned to go for a walk along the nature trail across the road, but a heavy thunderstorm trapped us inside the Buffalo Springs barn/shop for over a half hour. No matter; it was a very pleasant place to take refuge!

On Sunday, we drove up to Humpback Rocks in the Blue Ridge, and hiked to the top (about 1,000 feet up) for the first time in almost three years. (Pant, pant ... I really need to get back in shape again.) It was chillier than on Saturday, but the skies were clear blue and ideal for taking photographs. A report on the birds we saw there and other places will follow later today. To see more photos from this weekend and earlier this spring, see the new Spring 2007 photo gallery ; you can also click on the image above.