May 26, 2007 [LINK / comment]

Birding around Elliott Knob

I took a nice, invigorating 5-mile hike along the loop trail that extends about half-way up Elliott Knob this morning, and had fairly good luck spotting birds. I definitely needed the exercise, and resting by the cool waterfalls and moss-covered rocks was an especially nice way to soothe the weary soul. (Enough of politics, already! ) The air was warm and humid, but not too bad, and the insects were tolerable. Next month conditions will get much harsher. Today's avian highlights included two first-of-season birds:

The cuckoo showed up after I imitated its "cowp-cowp-cowp" call. I also heard but did not see Worm-eating warblers, Black-throated green warblers, and a Canada warbler close by.