May 30, 2007 [LINK / comment]

Ten to zip: That's gotta hurt!

After their recent string of successes on the ball field, perhaps the Washington Nationals got just a little cocky. Or perhaps it's just that no one can figure out how to hit off Brad Penney. Whatever the reason, the Dodgers spoiled the Nats' return home to RFK Stadium last night with a 10-0 blowout. I did some checking of my records and found that this was not the worst defeat in the team's two-plus year history; actually, the day of bleakest ignominy was Sept. 30, 2006, when the Nats lost to the Mets 13-0 and I was there! Anyway, perhaps last night's "slap in the face" is what was needed to get the team to bear down for the long, hard grind ahead and keep them above the .400 threshhold of respectability and perhaps even within range of a .500 win-loss record. To dream the impossible dream...

Thank you, fans

As most of the baseball fans of this site know by now, my recent political travails have kept me from devoting enough attention to updating the stadium diagrams and informational pages. Fear not, everything should get back to normal after the June 12 primary election in Virginia. In the mean time, I do appreciate fan e-mail greetings such as the messages I received last week from "TC" and Gregory G. Encouraging words mean a lot to me.