July 1, 2007 [LINK / comment]

Blog disinformation gets worse

Some of us had hoped that the friction among Republican bloggers might ease after the primary race was over, but it's only going from bad to worse. "Johnathan Maxfield" wrote about the meeting of Staunton Republicans last Thursday, but almost every sentence was either blatantly false or insulting in tone. But the average reader would have no way of knowing what was true and what was false because "Johnathan" did not even include a permalink citation to my blog, which is a fundamental norm of ethical blogging. He also included the contents of an e-mail message from one party official (Matthew Wells, at RPV) to another (Staunton GOP Chair Anne Taetszch), another violation of cyberspace ethics. For the record, the reason why I have not "publish[ed] any of the reasons the June 28th meeting was deemed illegal," as he complains, is because, thus far, no such reasons have been given to me. Once I do receive the reasons, we plan to appeal.

Today I became aware of an even more egregious case of blog disinformation that was aimed at me, and I have begun the necessary steps to rectify the situation. Stay tuned...

Thursday's meeting

Bob Stuart's story about our meeting Thursday night was on the front page of the Sunday edition of the News Virginian. It included comments from Sen. Emmett Hanger, Augusta County GOP Chair Kurt Michael, Staunton GOP Chair Anne Taetszch, Staunton GOP member (and former secretary) Erma Fretwell, JMU Professor Bob Roberts, and Delegate Chris Saxman.