July 14, 2007 [LINK / comment]

In defense of "SWAC Girl"?

The scrupulously fair-minded Thomas Krehbiel criticizes the new Staunton Democrat blog Cobalt-6 for "childish name-calling" in a series of over-the-top blog attacks against "SWAC Girl" over the past few days. Krehbiel makes no secret of his many disagreements with "SWAC Girl," so his remarks in this case aren't about party or ideology, but simple good manners. He also chastised that blog's author, "Kestrel9000," for a video "ambush" of Congressman Bob Goodlatte at a constituent meeting in Staunton last Monday. In spite of his customary courteous attitude, Goodlatte was rudely interrupted by Democrats (or leftists) several times. (I'm sorry I missed that event; it's another sign of low morale among local Republicans, I suppose.) I would agree with Krehbiel on both counts. Two wrongs don't make a right, and no purpose is served when hyper-partisans of the Left retaliate in kind against the angry rantings expressed by some people on the Right.