August 10, 2007 [LINK / comment]

Nats, Giants split series

Thanks to a home run from Felipe Lopez, the Nats managed to win in San Francisco yesterday, coming out of the series with a 2-2 split. The Washington team has won 8 of their last 10 games, and only one another major league can make that claim: the New York Yankees. Now the Nationals head to Phoenix, as the Diamondbacks have widened their lead in the NL West. Their surge in late July was a surprise to many people. That's another team on a hot streak, but unlike D.C., the hot weather there has little to do with it, since they play indoors this time of year. Meanwhile, the slumping Dodgers finally scored a run yesterday, and beat the Reds, after being shut out in three consecutive games. It was the first time that had happened since the 1966 World Series against Baltimore.

Bonds is cruising

Now that Barry Bonds has crossed the historic 756 threshhold, he says the pressure is off, so it will be a little easier to hit home runs. He says his career goal is 800 home runs, which is within the realm of possibility by the end of next year, when he will be 44. If he gets 84 hits, he will reach the symbolic 3,000-hit plateau. See

Atlanta Stadium

Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium Partly in honor of "Hammerin' Hank" Aaron, the home run king for over 30 years, the Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium diagrams have been updated to correct the left and right field dimensions, which had been about five feet (3 pixels) too long. "Accuracy is my primary concern."