September 11, 2007 [LINK / comment]

"How about that!"

There have been some amazing feats in baseball lately: In Cincinnati on Sunday afternoon, each of the first three Milwaukee Brewers to bat hit home runs: Rickie Weeks, J.J. Hardy, and Ryan Braun. "The Brewers became the first team in big league history to lead off the top of the first inning with three consecutive home runs, but two other teams -- the 1987 Padres and the 2003 Braves -- have done it in the bottom of the first inning." See Since neither the Cubs nor the Cardinals are showing much spunk lately, the Brewers have climbed back on top in the NL East [Central! -- thanks to Brian Hughes for the fact check].

Former Red Sock Willy Mo [Pena] proved his worth by hitting two home runs as the Nats beat the Marlins on Monday night. In tonight's game in Miami, the Nationals staged a five-run comeback in the fourth inning, thanks to a grand slam home run by Justin Maxwell, in only his third major league at-bat! In the end, however, it didn't matter, as the Marlins kept piling on runs and won by a score of 13-8. See The Nationals were the only team in baseball to win their first five games in September, which was quite a rebound from the disastrous seven-game skid at the end of August.

In Toronto, Jason Giambi also hit a grand slam, helping the Yankees to keep their six-game winning streak alive. See The Red Sox are not slouching, however, and the rest of this month promises to be very exciting.

The mail bag

Bruce Orser sent me a link to a photo gallery from the New Yankee Stadium that is being built in The Bronx: