September 16, 2007 [LINK / comment]

Peruvian blood is HIV-tainted

Peru's system of blood banks is virtually paralyzed, because several patients at a hospital in Callao (the port of Lima) were infected with the AIDS virus. The government will thoroughly screen all blood, but this will add to the cost in a country that can't afford it. See BBC. In the wake of last month's devastating earthquake near Pisco, Peru's health care system is under heavy stress right now. It adds to the political pressure faced by President Alan Garcia, whose second year in office is not going as smoothly as the first year did.

Hurricane slams Nicaragua

Hurricane Felix caused heavy damage in Nicaragua and (to a lesser extent) Honduras earlier this month, and over 100 people died. The United Nations asking member nations to come up with $44 million for its humanitarian relief efforts, and President Daniel Ortega is asking foreign countries for direct bilateral help. About 160,000 people are either homeless or in dire need of assistance. See BBC.