September 19, 2007 [LINK / comment]

Victory is sweet, in D.C. & N.Y.

Can you say "spoiler"? Contrary to most people's expectations, the Nationals came out on top in their first two games against the Mets in the next-to-last series to be played at RFK Stadium. In both games, the Mets grabbed a four-run lead early on, but the Nats fought back hard, winning 12-4 on Monday and 9-8 on Tuesday. Kudos for last night's big win go to Ronnie Belliard, Austin Kearns, and D'Angelo Jimenez, each of whom hit home runs. And so, the "Kings of Queens" are looking a little less majestic than they were earlier this season.

Meanwhile in the Bronx, home turf of champions for most of the last nine decades, the Yankees crushed the Orioles 12-0, and are now closing in fast on the slumping Red Sox. Mike Mussina is finally pitching like his old self again. With a week and a half to go in the 2007 regular season, anything could happen in the AL East -- and probably will! The Indians and Angels have their respective divisional titles pretty much locked up, but all three National League divisions are still extremely tight. Go Cubbies!

RFK or bust!

Time is very tight lately, but one way or the other, I will be in Washington this weekend to see the Nationals play -- either in their very last game at RFK Stadium on Sunday afternoon, or in their next-to-last game there on Saturday night. It all depends on my lovely wife's schedule. Believe it or not, she has yet to see a ball game in D.C.! The four-game series against the Phillies may well determine who wins the NL East division title. If the Mets aren't careful, they might not even get a wild card berth!