October 10, 2007 [LINK / comment]

Done molting, back to flirting

After more than three months (see June 27), Princess and George have finally stopped molting, which means their new coats of feathers are fully grown in. It also means they now have enough spare energy to engage in window-flirting (in the case of Princess) or singing loud and proud (in the case of George). It's good to see them back to their usual, perky selves again. Princess has been spending more time gnawing on the calcium-rich cuttlebone lately, a sign that she may be preparing to lay an egg or two for the first time in nearly a year. Perhaps it's just an old habit, or perhaps her hormones have begun to trigger reproductive instincts once again. So far, she hasn't shown much interest in nest refurbishing.

Princess, basil flower

Here Princess is nibbling on a basil flower, a favorite treat that she and George often fight over, unless we bring each of them a separate flower. (Photo taken in late September.)