October 20, 2007 [LINK / comment]

More avian autumn arrivals

October is zipping by at lightning speed, it seems, and the days are quickly growing shorter. Here is a quick roundup of birds I've seen for the first time this season recently:

I have also caught a few more glimpses of Red-breasted nuthatches at Sweet Briar. There seems to be a major "irruption" of northerly species into the middle latitudes of the U.S.A. this year. That means we should expect more Pine siskins, Evening grosbeaks, and Red crossbills than usual. See the Winter finch forecast compiled by Ron Pittaway; hat tip to Jay Keller of Arlington, who alerted the ShenValBirds e-mail group.

On my way to pick up bird seed at the annual Augusta Bird Club sale this morning, I stopped at a few places along Bell's Lane, where I saw several interesting birds. I even got a couple good photos. The highlights:

Great Blue Heron in tree