October 26, 2007 [LINK / comment]

World Series 2007: ballparks!

Just like I did last year, here's a quickie "side-by-side" comparison between the home fields of the two contending teams, as a special World Series treat. And what a contrast there is this year! Roll your mouse over the thumbnail images to toggle back and forth between Fenway Park and Coors Field:

Fenway Park Coors Field

Boston wins Game 2

It was quite a different game than on Wednesday night, with a much lower score (2-1), but the final result was the same: the Red Sox won. Curt Schilling displayed his typical cool professionalism in shutting down the formerly red-hot Rockies. Things aren't as bleak for Colorado as one might think, however. They have been every bit as successful as the Red Sox in home games this year (51-31 record), and the Red Sox have virtually no experience playing at the mile-high altitude. That novelty adds an unpredictable twist to this year's Fall Classic, and I wouldn't be surprised if the Rockies win all three games in Denver.