October 30, 2007 [LINK / comment]

Little bird, big bird

I took a brief afternoon break at the pond at Sweet Briar College yesterday, and saw my first Golden-crowned kinglet of the season. Kinglets are the smallest birds we get in the winter. No further sign of any Red-breasted nuthatches, however. On the way home late in the afternoon, I saw a majestic Bald eagle flying above the Tye River, heading northwest. That was pretty inspiring! Highlights of the day:

Speaking of little birds, in mid-September I used a remote control device to take this photo of a Hummingbird at our feeder out back. Unfortunately, my hopes that I would get another chance to take a photo that would be aimed properly did not pan out. Now that we've had our first freeze of the autumn, the likelihood of seeing any more hummingbirds is almost zero.

Hummingbird feeding