November 1, 2007 [LINK / comment]

Student protest in Venezuela

Thousands of students marched in Caracas, Venezuela, to protest Hugo Chavez's proposed constitutional changes that would, among other things, abolish term limits and allow him to stay in power forever. Army soldiers were called in to disperse them, using tear gas and water cannons. It is the biggest escalation of violence in that country in The rubber-stamp assembly passed all the measures recently, and if voters approve them in a December referendum, the dictatorship will be firmly entrenched, with the blessing of the people. See BBC. Well, what did they expect? It won't take long before all those starry-eyed leftists realize that they've been had by a vainglorious dictator who cares nothing for what anyone else thinks.

Mexican irrendentism

Anti-immigrant activists often warn that immigrant rights groups such as "Mexicans Without Borders" are really pursuing a much bolder long-term agenda: recovering the territories lost to the United States in the 1848 Mexican-American War. That is made quite explicit by The Unapologetic Mexican blog, which I found thanks to "Zen" at Daily Whack Job. (How do you say "Yikes!" in Spanish?)