November 27, 2007 [LINK / comment]

Terror alert: Hungry hawks!

As usual for this time of year, we have had Sharp-shinned hawks out back almost every day, on the prowl for the tasty sparrows, juncos, and goldfinches that come to our feeders, no doubt. For these and other small songbirds, there is no more terrifying sight than a diving hawk. Princess and George were badly frightened by something outside yesterday morning, and George took refuge under the bedroom dresser. That could only mean one thing: a hawk was lurking somewhere out back. Indeed, I spotted a juvenile Sharp-shinned hawk perched in a tree branch, and managed to take a photo before it flew off:

Sharp-shinned Hawk juvenile

Roll mouse over the above image to compare this juvenile Sharp-shinned hawk to an adult of the same species that landed in the grass three years ago. The difference in the plumage is striking.

While driving out to the recycling center today, I passed by a Kingfisher, some Bluebirds, a Black vulture, a Red-tailed hawk, and a probable Pileated woodpecker in the distance.