December 19, 2007 [LINK / comment]

Is Wrigley Field for sale???

Apparently so. A billionaire named Sam Zell is in the midst of purchasing the Tribune Company, owner of the Chicago Cubs, but he intends to sell the Cubs right away. One option is to take advantage of the preferential financing terms that public authorities get for capital improvements such as building renovation. Thus, he would sell the Friendly Confines to the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority for the token sum of one dollar, in exchange for a commitment by them to invest about $350 million in further renovations. "Whoever buys the Cubs would be required to sign an "ironclad commitment" to keep the team at Wrigley Field for the next 30 years." Governor Blagojevich endorsed the proposal, but Mayor Daley resists it, saying that the fixing city's transit system is a higher priority. See the Chicago Sun Times; hat tip to Mike Zurawski.

New stadium in Miami?

Here we go again: A new stadium for the Florida Marlins is just around the corner, apparently, and under the new plan no new public funding would be required. Already-appropriated funds for urban revitalization would be tapped, replacing the Orange Bowl with a multi-purpose entertainment center, including a retractable-roof ballpark and possibly a soccer stadium. See Miami Sun-Sentinel; hat tip to Mike Zurawski.

PNC Park fixup

PNC Park A new fan of this site, Cody Gobbell, pointed out a discrepancy in my PNC Park diagram, so I took care of that and a couple other pending touch-ups on it. While I was at it, I included a "suggested alternative configuration" that would eliminate the small bleacher section in right-center field, and extending the field into that space.

I've got other news items and tips from fans to catch up on. Stay tuned...