December 22, 2007 [LINK / comment]

Winter solstice flora

Can you say "Seasonal Affective Disorder"? The shortening hours of daylight put many of us in a somber mood this time of year, which is one reason the early Christians may have chosen late December to mark the birthday of Jesus Christ. In any case, we have made it to the Winter solstice, which means that the days will begin to lengthen for the next six months. Bulb flowers such as Amaryllis are a popular way of fighting the winter blues -- with bright red colors, of course.


Prime number fun

In the course of a Google search, I came across an interactive prime numbers chart at Refreshing my memory on the significance of prime numbers, in turn, led me to an interesting Web page by Julian Brown, who asks "What happens when chaos encounters the quantum world?" It involves the Riemann hypothesis, of which I have only the foggiest comprehension.