December 29, 2007 [LINK / comment]

Painted bunting returns

The sun came out this afternoon, so I went back to the house near Verona where the Painted bunting has been seen, and sure enough it came back to pose for a photo. About a dozen people were there this time, and a few more folks came later on. (This time I brought a backup battery just in case!) I stayed around in hopes of getting a better photo in the sunlight, but no such luck. I also saw most of the same other birds that were there on Wednesday, as well as a noisy Pileated woodpecker in the distance and a Sharp-shinned hawk that caused a brief panic.

Many, many thanks to the friendly and gracious hostess, Chris Waldrop. I am working on a video that will be uploaded to YouTube later this evening. Stay tuned for update!

Painted bunting

The second Painted bunting ever reported in Augusta County: December 29, 2007, at about 3:15 PM, northwest of Verona, Virginia.

You Tube update!

The video is about 35 seconds, showing the Painted bunting munching away at the feeder.