April 24, 2008 [LINK / comment]

Housing vacancies in Manassas

The collateral effects of the crackdown on illegal immigration in the Prince William County area are becoming apparent, and it's starting to look like the movie A Day without a Mexican (see imdb.com). Monday's Washington Post profiled two activists in Manassas, Chris Pannell and Allison Kipp, who are satisfied that their efforts are starting to pay off. Whereas their neighborhood was becoming extremely overcrowded before, with many illegal immigrants who often exhibited behavioral issues, it has now reverted to relative tranquility, with many vacant houses. Real estate brokers must be gnashing their teeth at the lost business... Greg Letief (BLACK VELVET BRUCE LI) hails this as evidence that the "Rule of Law Resolution" passed by the Prince William County Board of Supervisors is working.

I see this outcome with mixed emotions, however: I'm glad to see that law and order are being upheld, but a bit sad for the hard-working folks who are getting squeezed out. But let's not kid ourselves, folks: This mini-exodus had to happen sooner or later, and if it had been postponed much more, the confrontation might have turned violent.