February 8, 2009 [LINK / comment]

Aloha, sports fans!

To mark the occasion of the NFL's annual exercise in pointlessness, a.k.a., the Pro Bowl, I have revised the Aloha Stadium Aloha Stadium diagrams.The upper deck is slightly smaller than I estimated before, and the profiles are now more accurate. I decided not to include the exit ramps for the time being, since they don't quite fit in the standard space.

It turns out that this will be the last year the Pro Bowl is played at Aloha Stadium for the foreseeable future. Starting next year, it will be played at the same venue as the Super Bowl (Dolphin Stadium in 2010), during the week of rest (and media hype) immediately before the championship game. See NFL.com. That might boost attendance and TV ratings, and it makes some sense, but it's still sad to see that NFL tropical tradition fall by the wayside. Maybe they could play some kind of annual winter baseball exhibition game there, just before spring training every year. Since most of the players wouldn't be in good shape, it would only be semi-serious, like the Old-Timers Game. Hat tip to Steven Poppe.