March 27, 2009 [LINK / comment]

Facebook: resistance is futile

Back in December, I made a mocking reference to the Twitter Web phenomenon as resembling The Borg, that menacing collective cyborg society from Star Trek: The Next Generation. To me, the idea that we should be spending most of our waking hours in constant contact with our friends, relatives, and acquaintances and keep up with all of their musings and whimsies is just plain weird. Well, I'm just a curmudgeonly semi-recluse, so what would I know about the benefits of cyber-networking?

As of last week, I have officially joined the bandwagon, and thereby have been "assimilated" into the collective consciousness known as Facebook. It's like the Mr. Rogers show: "Will you be my neighbor?"


Very slowly I am finding my way around the Facebook interface, and it's hard getting used to all the bells and whistles. Being security-conscious, I'm reluctant to join in the various Facebook applications, though I did do the rock music survey, choosing the Rolling Stones as the best rock band. (The Eagles weren't even listed!) Some updated content is displayed in more than one place, apparently, but I can't figure out the logic behind all that. For my purposes, one benefit is that my blog postings show up there automatically, since I figured out how to integrate my RSS feed into Facebook. I look forward to getting to know more people, and keeping up with folks who have drifted away over time. I know one thing for sure: I'm getting tired of seeing the thumbnail image of my grimly serious face repeated so many times. You'd think I didn't know how to have fun! frown

As one conseqence of being "assimilated" into Facebook, I will have to rewrite at least part of my Introductory Web page, which currently states:

Do I have a FaceBook or MySpace account?

Absolutely NOT!

So who or what made me change my stubborn mind? Stacey Morris, that's who! smile