April 22, 2009 [LINK / comment]

Fenway Park update

John Crozier sent me a fine batch of photos he recently took at Fenway Park, from all different perspectives, and I have posted seven of them on said page. John recently saw a game at Citi Field, and he was kind enough to share his photos from that visit, and next he plans to see New Yankee Stadium.

Based on John's photos, and closeup photo recently sent to me by Edward Findlay, I have updated the current version of the Fenway Park Fenway Park diagram, showing the new seating section on the roof near the right field foul pole. While I was at it, I made some very minor corrections to the other diagram versions.

In the future I may add a separate diagram that indicates the exact year that each of the seating changes at Fenway Park were made over the past decade or so. It has been a very long, drawn-out process, but that was necessary to allow the Red Sox to continue playing in Fenway Park every year.

Fenway Park grandstand from LF

Fenway Park grandstand, courtesy of John Crozier.