June 20, 2009 [LINK / comment]

Ballpark in Arlington update

Ballpark in Arlington I have updated the (Rangers) Ballpark in Arlington diagram, partly in response to a request from Mike Zurawski and partly because of some great photos submitted to me by Joe Johnston. They were taken at a Rangers-Yankees game in May. Click on the panorama (which I stitched together from three separate shots) below to see the full-size version.

Ballpark in Arlington panorama

Now, is that an awesome view, or what!!?? It makes me want to run out and buy a ticket for the game right now. Except all that sun in Texas this time of year might be hard to take. Why in the world didn't they build a bigger roof on that stadium, to keep more fans in the shade??? Anyway, thanks very much for the fine photo, Joe!

It is worth mentioning that the Rangers are in first place right now, a half game ahead of the Angels in the AL West. Perhaps this year they will finally overcome their "underachiever" status and make a postseason appearance.

Target Field progress

In Minneapolis, they are already installing the seats and furnishings for the various club suites, etc., as you can see from the photo galleries at the Minnesota Ballpark Authority; hat tip to Bruce Orser. At this rate, the Twins might be ready to move in to their new home by the end of the season. (Very doubtful.) They are only two games behind the Tigers in the AL Central Division, and seem poised to make yet another postseason bid.

Nats win three straight

It is too early to say whether they are out of their historically dismal slump, but the three consecutive wins by the Washington Nationals is more than just a fluke. Ironically, their formerly red-hot hitters have been ice cold lately, and Ryan Zimmerman's average has fallen to less than .310, probably dooming his chances of making the All Star Game. The Nats won two out of three games in New Yankee Stadium, their first series win since early May (against Arizona). (Bruce Orser informed me that Adam Dunn's towering home run actually only went 403, not as far as I thought.) Back at home in D.C., the Nationals beat the Toronto Blue Jays last night, 2-1, their first extra-inning win of the season. It's a relief to be playing well for the home crowd once again. Let's just hope it lasts.