August 30, 2009 [LINK / comment]

"Intensive care" for Princess

Our female canary Princess got hurt again recently, apparently startled by noise outside, and her one good foot is now in rather bad shape. For the past several months, we have had to spend more and more time tending to her routine needs, as in a hospice. (See January 1.) In spite of everything, she still has a healthy appetite, and eagerly munches on basil flowers (see below) and other treats, depending on what is available in the garden; see May 18. I must say, the tiny little thing remains as brave and spunky as ever as she copes with physical adversity. She may not be around with us for much longer, and when she goes we will miss her greatly.

The young guy, Luciano, is doing well, though he went through a strenuous molting season this summer. He lost a lot of feathers, draining his energy reserves so much that he stopped singing for a couple months. That is normal for canaries. He is clearly distressed by the fact that Princess is ailing, but he recently began [singing] again, which is a good sign.

Princess and Luciano, basil flowers

Luciano (top) and Princess (bottom) enjoy munching on basil flowers, which are abundant this time of year.