August 30, 2009 [LINK / comment]

Wood Stork in Woodstock!??

Is this news item a mere coincidence with the 40th anniversary celebration? Two rare birds were spotted several times near Woodstock, Virginia (an hour-plus drive from here, unfortunately) this past week: a Little Blue Heron and a Wood Stork. Both species breed in the southeastern United States, but like other birds inhabiting shorelines and wetlands, they sometimes stray to the north. That was true of the Roseate Spoonbill in June, and the Glossy Ibis in August 2006. Perhaps the Little Blue Heron and Wood Stork were injured and had to take refuge in Woodstock. It's just idle speculation, but it made me think of a poem:

How many storks could to Woodstock soar, if a Wood Stork could soar sore?

There could soar as many storks as the Wood storks could, if a Wood Stork could soar sore.

Try saying that three times in a row!