September 25, 2009 [LINK / comment]

Colorado photo bonanza

Almost a month behind schedule, I have finally compiled and edited the best of the photos that I took during my trip to Colorado last month, which you can see on the hand point Colorado 2009 photo gallery. That page contains two distinct sets of photos, the first of which covers Brainerd Lake (August 10) and Boulder (August 11), and the second of which covers Rocky Mountain National Park (August 12). The terrain is incredibly diverse, and I tried to include photos that were representative of the various elevations and ecological zones. There are a couple animal photos, and I may add some photos of flowers and insects later on. In order to handle the large number (22) of photos more efficiently, I created a new interactive system for displaying just one photo at a time; just click on the camera icons (camera). At the bottom of that page are links to two other pages with previously-posted photos: Birds of August, 2009 and Coors Field.

Previously, I had posted the first batch of photos from my road trip on August 16 (baseball), and the second batch on August 18 (Washington, D.C.). Obviously, school and other duties have taken priority over my photo journals. All that is left to do from my Great 2009 Road Trip are photos from various points of interest I visited on the way out west, and then back again.

Colorado 2009 montage

CLOCKWISE, FROM TOP LEFT: Meadow near Lake Mitchell; Stream and foot bridge near Brainerd Lake; Boardwalk at Many Parks Curve, Rocky Mountain National Park, with Longs Peak beyond; Mountain Chickadee; Clark's Nutcracker; Horseshoe Park & Beaver Ponds; Marmot; Chipmunk; Red Rock Lake; The Flatirons, rising beyond Boulder.